Plastic Straws Suck

During SF Restaurant Week, the GGRA in partnership with Surfrider Foundation’s San Francisco chapter, are highlighting sustainable alternatives to plastic straws. Plastic straws are a major threat to the environment, cited as one of the top ten contributors to oceanic pollution; however plastic straws are still widely used due challenges related to other types of straws and the large cost difference in providing those alternatives. As an extension of the Plastic Straws Suck campaign, restaurants who participate in SF Restaurant Week have the opportunity to receive a free box of paper straws as well as information on how to incorporate them into service.

Eco-Pliant will provide information on all of the ways using plastic straw alternatives can help a restaurant save money.

Show some love for SF Restaurant Week Restaurants already using alternative straws:

    • Starbelly
    • Blue Plate
    • Bluestem Brasserie
    • Twenty Five Lusk
    • China Live
    • ICHI Sushi
    • Mr. Tipple’s
    • Buffalo Theory
    • Pacific Catch
    • Red Dog
    • The Perennial
    • Waterbar Restaurant


Other participants are encouraged to adopt a “straws upon request” policy reducing number of straws used and thrown away, so when you stop by these restaurants don’t be surprised that there’s no straws:

    • Palio d’Asti
    • Bistro Boudin
    • Belga
    • Emmys Spaghetti Shack
    • Mozzeria
    • Scrollbar Waterside Kitchen
    • August 1 Five
    • Locanda Osteria
    • ROOH
    • Dabba
    • Indian Paradox


Want to do your part? Take the pledge to “Hold the Straw”