FAQ For Participating Restaurants

Where do I register my restaurant to participate?

Register for San Francisco Restaurant Week 2020 here.

Which prix-fixe menu should our restaurant offer?

You can choose from the following prix-fixe menu options.

Lunch: $15.15 or $25.25

Dinner: $40.40 or $65.65

Can we offer more than one type of menu?

Yes. Your restaurant can serve a special lunch AND special dinner menu.

Why the 1% price increase?

For Restaurant Week 2020, The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is proud to highlight Restore California, a collaboration between the State of California and Zero Foodprint to direct 1% per SF Restaurant Week Menu sold toward climate-friendly farming practices on local farms. Each restaurant participating in Restaurant Week will pledge to donate that 1% to Restore California. The cumulative impact of these funds will help create healthy soil on many acres as a way to address the climate crisis and restore a broken food system.

Where will the donations go?

100% of the funds donated to Restore California from San Francisco Restaurant Week is being distributed to carbon farming projects in California as part of a new program in which restaurants, diners and farmers are working together to build healthy soil as climate solution. New Soil Science and Bio-Geo-Chemistry is showing that we can turn enough atmospheric carbon into healthy soil carbon to lower global temperatures. These carbon farming practices also have many other co-benefits including creating better flavor, more nutritious food, improved water conservation and stronger climate resilience. Participating farmers are signing contracts to use the money to implement carbon farm plans as part of a statewide movement toward renewable farming.  

What should we offer on our prix-fixe menu?

Many diners use Restaurant Week to try out new restaurants. This is your chance to connect with new guests that can become regular diners. For new diners, being able to try your signature dishes, is often a draw. You can also use the opportunity to test out a new menu item and see how it’s received. Any deals or special offers are welcome and encouraged during SF Restaurant Week.

We already offer a prix-fixe menu at a different price point, can we still participate?

Yes. Use the program as a chance to build in something special (i.e. a special offer for diners).

How do we make SF Restaurant Week successful for our restaurant?

Please read these Best Practices. Really, they are very helpful and informative. Restaurants that lead in reservations for the SF Restaurant Week program do two very clear things:

1) They offer the SF Restaurant Week menu exclusively during the program period (not as a companion to the existing menu).

2) Their menus demonstrate clear value for diners.

How can we promote the program?

On social media use the hashtag #SFRW. We’ll retweet/amplify posts from participating restaurants. Engage with the Facebook event page, on Twitter and Instagram. Many SF Restaurant Week diners will be visiting those pages. Make sure to send us your SF Restaurant Week menu before the January 4th deadline. Include your SFRW menu on your own website. If you have a distribution list (send out email newsletters?) be sure to let your fans know you are going to participating in SF Restaurant Week 2020.

Do we have to participate in the program over the weekend?

While we don’t require that your restaurant participate during the weekends, we strongly encourage it. Data shows that many diners make their SF Restaurant Week reservations for the weekends. Not offering the menu continuously throughout the program generates considerable confusion for diners who come looking or expecting a special menu. If you are not going to offer the menu on weekends we suggest you contact ALL weekend reservation holders and notify them that you won’t be offering the Restaurant Week menu.

Do we have to use OpenTable as a reservation platform to participate in the program?

No. SF Restaurant Week is open to any restaurant that wants to participate regardless of whether you use OpenTable’s reservation platform.

I still have additional questions, who should I contact?

If you still have questions, please send an email to ggra@ggra.org.